This is a story about a married couple, Joe and Julie, who was going about their business for about four years. They took full advantage of enjoying their friends and family. They went to KU football games and basketball games, went on trips with their families–cruises, Ireland, Scotland, Detroit. They enojyed the fine BBQ of Kansas City, and its many other food and beverage establishments. They progressed through their careers, at different speeds, but still progressing. 🙂 They started out in Lawrence, Kansas, where they met ten years ago, moved to a fine apartment in south Kansas City after a couple of years, and then to their current home where they have lived for the past 4 years. They raised a couple of little weiner dogs named Buddy and Holly which inspired people across the nation to also get their own pair of weiner dogs. They had their share of ups and downs–mostly ups–and decided they were ready to grow the family. After a couple of years there were still no signs of a little one. They decided seek help. They got it. Now we are ready to welcome three new ones (at the same time) to our family.

We have never been parents for one child let alone three. It is exciting, it is scary, it is indescribable. We thought this would be a great way to keep in contact with our family and friends. We have encountered so many great wishes and people behind those wishes. Thanks to all, and we hope this keeps you in the loop. 🙂