Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a few weeks, I know.  The older they get the busier Julie and I become, it seems.  Well, after their stint as M & M’s for Halloween they rested up for a big visit from their cousins Meghan and Nicholas all the way from Detroit. 

Grandma and Grandpa and the grandkidsOnce the Marlettes arrived in Kansas the chaos began.  First it was a trip to the Kansas City Zoo.  It was the first trip to the zoo for our guys and Cousin Audrey.  It was a nice day for November in Kansas City.  Not too cool.  A little bit of sunshine.  The kangaroos were lounging on a hillside.  The tiger was snoozing in its log.  The zoo turned out to be more of a success than the KU football game against Nebraska the next day.  We made Uncle Justin and Aunt Rachel’s house home base for the next few days since the Marlettes were staying with them during this trip.  They had their pack ‘n’ plays for naps and sleeping at night.  We brought them home after the festivities of the day ended and they went back to sleep for us.  Basically, they had everything but the kitchen sink there.  Thank goodness for the mini van.  They played and squealed and decided they really like macaroni and cheese.  We ventured out one night to the Salty Iguana and they all had various bites of Mexican food.  It was fun, but exhausting.  We will miss the Marlettes—until we see them again.

A week or so later we packed up the troop transport—with everything but the kitchen sink again—and headed down to Wichita for Thanksgiving.  We arrived Wednesday night and immediately put the kids to bed.  Thanksgiving morning we were short one high chair.  Another one was purchased so there would be no fighting amongst the rabble rousers when dinner time came.  The box that it came in turned out to be a big hit later on in the weekend.  We played and tried some turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing. For the most part Thanksgiving food was accepted. 

Max and Daniel playingThe weather was beautiful so we went out back and played in the grass one afternoon.  Max and Daniel chased each other and the beach ball.  Abby crawled through the grass and decided that the late November grass was a little too prickly for her.  I think she also decided she was ready for her nap. 

We visited Great Grandma Whitaker a couple of times.  Daniel was fascinated with anything breakable and really fascinated with her walker.  He seemed to like the brakes and the handles.

Grandpa reads them a storyLater on the box that the high chair came in was discovered.  It brought hours of pulling up, pounding on, crawling in entertainment.  Abby loved to just stand next to it and pound on it.  Max and Daniel learned to play peek-a-boo with Grandpa Whitaker while they stood in it.  All in all, it was a very nice Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to many more. 

Abby stands and smilesSo now we look ahead to birthdays this week, the Christmas season after that.  It is hard to believe it has been a year.  Max loves to clap, pull up and cruise the furniture.  He literally squeals with delight.  Sometimes you can catch Abby swaying or dancing to the music.  If I ask her where my nose is she will point to it most of the time.  Sometimes she will even touch her nose to mine.  Max and Daniel were chasing each other around one of the big toys in the living room last night and having a blast.  Daniel lets out his hearty laugh if you tickle him or turn him upside down.  He also can incite riotous hand waving from all of them with his excited noises and his own hand waving.  We think this might be the first attempts to wave the wheat.  It is hard to believe that this time last year they were less than a day old.


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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Great Aunt Janice says:

    It is great to hear of the activities and celebrating you all have been having. Sorry there wasn’t room for the kitchen sink….It is hard to believe it has been a year. Many milestones and happy times for you all. Think often of you and always send love and hugs. Aunt Janice

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