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Nine Month Pictures

For those of you who have not seen them yet here are the triplets nine month pictures.     Advertisements

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Here comes autumn

Okay. I know it has been two months. I think I was subconsciously resting in anticipation of the coming autumn season. I probably thought it would be good to lay low in the heat of the summer, you know, stay cool. Well, the summer weather couldn’t have been nicer. If it got above ninety we complained. The kids did not stay dormant during this nice summer. They got out to meet friends. They went out to dinner. They learned to crawl. They learned to get into things. They learned to climb over and on each other. They went on their first “long” road trip. They grew up a lot.

July saw Abby, Max and Daniel going to the baptism of cousin Audrey. They showed off for everyone. They melted down early in the afternoon. They went home and went to bed.

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