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Abby’s surgery explained

A month ago Abby was getting ready to have her heart surgery. These days you would not know she had that kind of surgery (or any surgery, for that matter) if you did not see her scar. I told you I would explain her surgery, and finally I am getting around to it. Continue reading

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Fourth of July part 2

Well, here I am at 9:30 in the morning. Max actually went down for a nap and so did Abby. Daniel is entertaining himself for the moment. He is good at that sort of thing. I thought I would take this opportunity to update everyone on the Triplets’ trip to the pediatrician yesterday. Continue reading

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Fourth of July part 1

Well, it has been three weeks (almost four) since Abby’s surgery. and she is much better than we ever thought was possible. She smiles a lot more. She laughs a lot more. She interacts a lot more. She eats more. She has not shown many signs of being uncomfotable or in pain during the past month. I think her cheeks have doubled in size. She is just the sweetes litte thing with red hair now. I will get into detail with all of that, including exactly what her surgery did for her, hopefully tomorrow. Continue reading

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